In Collaboration with EthioTelecom our service is aimed to provide educational content and service on Automotive and pregnancy using our website and mobile applications.


Yegaravas is open to residents of Ethiopia and those who lives abroad who are subscribers of Ethio Telecom, (both prepaid or postpaid). The person that owns the SIM card or has express authorization from the SIM card’s owner to use it is considered the member, regardless of the actual user of the phone.

Subscription and service price

  1. Subscribers are charged 2 birr/day inclusive of all taxes while using our services. Services are free for the first 3 day TRIAL period. 
  2. If a subscriber has insufficient amount in his/her account during the premium period, he/she won’t be able to log in and enjoy the service.
  3. Subscribers in the FREE and PREMIUM Periods can terminate their subscription by sending stop to 9751 and get response confirming the unsubscription.
  4. Anyone can call to the number which is shown on the home page to Contact our customer support service